Our confectionary art

Using only the best ingredients

Natural ingredients, carefully selected

Sourcing the best ingredients is an art which makes our products wholesome and tasty. We strive for excellence in order to perfect our recipes using the best ingredients, a touch of innovation and the use of production methods inspired by traditional baking techniques.

Italian tradition

Home grown recipes and traditions are at the heart of Bauli. The challenge for the company was to reproduce the artisanal experience on an industrial scale, in all its meticulousness and attention to detail.

Large scale production, excellent organisation and passion allow us to carefully craft every single product.

Authentic quality

The flavour of our pastries is authentic and genuine, as is our vision to guarantee maximum product and customer service quality, remain passionate about our work, and take the values of excellent Italian pastry to the world.

Natural leavening

It all begins with the starter dough which is left to rest until it becomes what we call the “nucleus”. Then we add water, flour and nothing else. We have a slow leavening process, which takes up to 40 hours, but which is totally simple and natural. The result? Softness, aroma and a unique flavour.

The magic touch of the oven

Bauli products reach perfection once they are baked in the oven, giving them their unmistakeable colours and flavours.


Starter dough: the secret of our specialties

A flavour that is always reborn, always unique and unmistakeable.

Bauli goodness has been passed down over time and originates from the dough, the recipe which we have always safeguarded and renewed.

A generous starter dough gives fragrance, lightness and flavour to every product.

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